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Leonard Holder's third book

Len & Phyl's


Ebenezer's Grandson

Proving God's faithfulness on the road to Haus Barnabas

Books can be purchased either online on this site or directly from the author by emailing We will post you your book(s) with details how to pay. 

Readers' Comments

 I am SO enjoying reading Ebenezer’s Grandson! I’ve got to the chapter about your move to Yorkshire and having your worldly goods transported by a truck used for pigs!

I purchased a copy of Ebenezer's Grandson as we headed out the door of Haus Barnabas and could hardly put the book down the whole following week. I was so encouraged. You understand culture shock and that it continues for years; you understand the phase of great uncertainty. That week I desperately needed to know that someone understands and I needed humour to help me keep things more in perspective and your willingness to share your stories provided both.

This postion awaits a testamony from another reader. You?

Angela - Yorkshire

Amie - Austria


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Leonard Holder

Leonard Holder was born in Brighton, Sussex. As a teenager he felt God’s call to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was pastor of a small Baptist chapel in Surrey for a few years whilst also working in Bible publishing. Then after seven years’ experience as secretary to a Christian businessman together with church work in Yorkshire, he moved out to Switzerland with his wife and two teenaged boys. A period of theological and language study in Basel and Zurich led to him and his wife setting up a Christian guest house and retreat centre in the Black Forest of southern Germany

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