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Ebenezer's Grandson

Faith in God demands obedience and trust. The authors of Ebenezer’s Grandson recount how each faltering step of obedience to that which they firmly believed to be God’s guidance, led them and their family slowly into situations where their only security was God Himself and the promises of His word.

In writing this book Leonard Holder recognises the debt he and his wife Phyllis owe to the faith and prayers of earlier generations. Their journey of faith led them north to Yorkshire and then to German-speaking Europe, where after six years in Switzerland they moved into the Black Forest in southern Germany and established Haus Barnabas, a centre for evangelism and the encouragement of Christians.

Phyllis writes that for years she had really no idea what she was suited to, but gradually began to sense that God was showing her how her particular gifts and personality could best serve Him. Eventually she realised that God had fulfilled this vision; it was Haus Barnabas.

This book is a detailed account of the journey. Some of their experiences along the way they wouldn’t wish on anyone, but God knew the discipline and training the couple needed and His love and faithfulness is amazing.

Ebenezer's Grandson

SKU: 01
  • Published by Xlibris in August 2021

    514 pages; size 9" x 6"

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